Currently I'm living in Indonesia and I have good English communicat ion skill, so if anyone living in Japan needs.explore their English skill I'm willing to share together what I have.
The contents of the apps dejta någon bara för sex description page on Google Play look as if they were copied and pasted or reused from similar Japanese apps with slight modifications.
Using chat ID BBS sites or apps, even without information leaks, is dangerous.
Adult Friend Finder may have been breached as long as two months ago, and the sensitive files are still online.We doubt these apps are carefully or securely designed.Adult Friend Finder's website).Somewhat controversial websites or apps called chat friend finders, or ID BBS (Bulletin Board System) are spreading widely in Japan.The apps also support chatting.It appears that some users are being involved in crimes caused by criminal friends.Figure.2: An example of a dangerous chat friend finder app.One of these apps allows users to publish their service IDs for line, Kakao, Mixi, and Skype as well as profile information like photograph, nickname, gender, and residential area.Users should be very careful about permissions requested by Android apps, and also confirm that the app provider is trustworthy before providing any permissions.McAfee Mobile Security detects these suspicious apps as Android/ChatLeaker.I always amazed at Japan things because it's so wonderful and even my overseas friends who lives there momentaril y share some great stories with me!These new apps will expose careless users to much higher risks of having their personal information associated with anonymous IDs and various messaging services.Plus, the common server used by all of these apps appears to be located in South Korea, according to its IP address.I hope we can improve together.Slideshow 2 Photos, jeremy Kirk (IDG sex offender karta edmond ok News Service adult Friend Finder was breached more than two months ago, according to a dark Web forum.The sexuell hälsa klinik kilburn remaining requests appear to be used by ad modules in the apps or may be unused.I've been using several apps and buying online course as a starting point.

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Clearly, there is higher risk in storing personal information like phone numbers and email addresses in a form associated with various service IDs, public profile information, and chat contents than in storing that data separately.
On the other hand, we guess that the apps were created by Korean-speaking developer(s) because the Japanese is sometimes unnatural and we can see Korean chat messages.