LeakedSource decided not to make the data searchable at this time.
FriendFinder takes the security of its customer information seriously.
AP 42/50 Cubans march during the May Day rally at Revolution Square in Havana.LeakedSource adult dating gratis tjänster xxx has already cracked 99 of the passwords and even cracked passwords which were 32 characters in length.Yet it wasnt until Sunday, Nov.Urban and rural areas are fighting the continuous battle against a scourge of plastic litter.PA Wire/PA Images 18/50 Film producer Harvey Weinstein arrives at the 1st Precinct in Manhattan where he turned himself in to New York police for sexual misconduct charges.Till startsidan för Svenska Dagbladet.The attack, which took place in October, is thought to have compromised more than 412 million accounts, which would make it one of the largest breach of data in history.At a historic summit between leaders Kim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-in, the neighbouring countries agreed they would work towards peace on the peninsula with a formal end to the conflict set to be announced later this year.According to media reports, the Syrian army continued the military offensive it has launched earlier this month against militant groups entrenching in southern Damascus and captured several neighborhoods, including al-Qadam and al-Assali and targeting the remnants of armed groups in al-Hajar al-Aswad and its surrounding.13, that details about the massive breach became known.AFP/Getty 15/50 French President Emmanuel Macron meets with Mamoudou Gassama, 22, from Mali, at the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris.Reuters 48/50 Rohingya refugees gather in the "no man's land" behind Myanmar's boder lined with barb wire fences in Maungdaw district, Rakhine state bounded by Bangladesh.For one, the company either stored user passwords in plaintext, without any protection, or hashed them using the notoriously weak SHA1 algorithm, according to LeakedSource.
The leaked data base also includes 16 million deleted accounts, 78,301 US military and 5,650 US government email addresses.

FriendFinder, networks, the parent company of those sites, has reportedly been hacked, resulting in the leak of of over 412 million accounts, according to Leaked Source (h/t to, cSO ).