Located at 117 Hawley Street, Family Planning has both a health clinic and an education office.
Your resident assistants (RA) office, while you might feel awkward approaching an RA in your building for condoms, its your best last-minute, late-night option to make sure youre safe during a hook-up.Southern Tier aids Program (stap sTAPs main office is located at 22 Riverside., close to many off-campus students.Pipe Dream has compiled a comprehensive list of places to get free condoms in the Binghamton area.Close, condoms are pretty much the superheroes of the contraceptive world.And even better, you can get them at no cost.Visit their website, m, to see their office hours.Even better, stock up ahead of time so sexträffar erfarenhet you dont have to stress when the time comes to get lucky.To get to the Health Education Office, just follow the sign around the side of the building and go down the stairs for even more safe-sex resources.You might usually christian dating site pkn only visit Health Services when youre sick, but they can also help you out when it comes to birth control.They host community programs, provide STD testing and have free safer-sex supplies for anyone in the Binghamton community who needs them.Their office, located in University Union West Room 302, has male and female condoms, dental dams, lube and safe-sex information available to all students.Rainbow Pride Union (RPU) office, rPU is a student organization dedicated to providing a safe space to the lgbtq community on campus.They offer free male and female condoms, dental dams and lube.Identity and the M4 Project, an affiliate of stap, Identity, an lgbtq youth center, is located at 206 State.They provide free condoms and other resources for all your safe-sex needs.

You can find the same resources, as well as STD and HIV testing at one of their other nearby offices at 277 Main.
The M4Project (in the same building) specifically provides a safe space for gay, bisexual and transgender men ages 18-30.